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Knowledge Space Theory
Mathematical Psychology

This course is based on lecture slides by Jürgen Heller, Cord Hockemeyer, and Luca Stefanutti held at the Erasmus IP Seminar in Sagadi (Estonia) in 2014 and the TquanT Erasmus+ Seminar in Deutschlandsberg (Austria) in 2017. It was originally built in the TquanT project (the predecessor of QHELP) and is now further developed in QHELP.

Interactivity elements were added in TquanT (compared to the original slides) by including Shiny apps illustrating the contents as well as quizzes.

Updates within QHELP include technical adaptations to recent Moodle developments, a better integration of the Shiny apps into the course, and additional and extended learning objects.

Special thanks to Matthias Gondan for a thorough partial review of the course!